Thursday, July 30, 2015

Producer Billionaire Boyscout's Analysis on the Drake vs. Meek Mill Rap Feud.

The nicest on the mic seriously. 

I low key paid attention to these Drake diss songs and I can actually break down exactly why, unless Meek Mill completely goes out of character, will win this battle (he won't end his career though, Meek is a very talented individual) 

Drake is taking the "the nice guy wins at the end of a family sports comedy movie" role to the next level. Almost "Mr. Deeds" worthy. He knows, after the ghost writing expos√©, that he has to prove that even though they weren't 100% his lyrics, it was 100% his story. This is a task any rapper would have to prove in a rap battle, or rap period, but there is a wild card we must consider. Drake is one of the few mainstream rappers that makes doing nice guy shit, being in feelings, being open on failed relationships, openly loving his childhood friends, etc, actually acceptable, thus making "living his raps" a lot easier than a lot of more street artist. 


- Drake said he should send bottles to Charlemagne for being honest about this whole ordeal, Drake actually does it.

-Drake said he's in the Rolls enjoying philly rapper, AR AB, so much that Drake signs him so more people can enjoy him

-Drake said he riding thru Philly, and even tho him getting shoulder rubs in a strip club can't be confirmed yet, he did donate money and studio equipment to Meeks old school...personally to confirm he was in fact in Meek's own neighborhood. 

Now, Meek is a VERY dope spitter, but his usual tactics will not work in this scenario. If Cassidy said "Im'ma shoot you in the face" and Meek said "No, Im'ma shoot you in the face", the winner is whoever said it the most wittiest, creative and/or most convincing way. 


If Drake said he's gonna send Charlemagne expensive ass gifts for saying Meek is losing on live national syndicated radio, and ACTUALLY DO IT (perfectly timed I might add), and Meek still says in his upcoming diss "Yo Aubrey, Im'ma shoot you in the face", THE ONLY WAY MEEK WILL WIN THAT BATTLE IS BY ACTUALLY SHOOTIN DRAKE IN THE FACE.

Drake found a loophole in the mainstream rap feud rules: keep it on wax. 
Use all the gunlines you want, but DON'T ACTUALLY SHOOT SOMEONE IN REAL LIFE, because once someone gets hurt, both parties must forfeit.

In this case, If Meek uses gun lines, it's either keep it on wax or go to prison for the rest of your life for attempted murder or murder. Drake on the other hand was able to break that rule disrespectfully as fuck and still be looked at as a wholesome model citizen and a hero. That's why this feud is different.

Basically, if Meek said "I should free Tibet" and takes a selfie with a 200 year old monk holding a pair of Pumas, he wins automatically.

Salute to both brothers tho


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