Friday, February 27, 2015

[Video] Aside From Big Seans Incredible Rise To The Top, He's Struggling With Extreme Health Conditions

[Video] @NipseyHussle Performs Live In London

Nipsey Hussle takes a trip across the pond and performs live in London, England as apart of DJ Semtex’s “Arrival” concert series.

[Video] @ActionBronson – “Actin Crazy” - Produced By 40

The always entertaining and imaginative Bronsolino is back with a visual accompaniment to “Actin Crazy,” the second single on his upcoming debut major label full-length,Mr. Wonderful.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

[Video] Zane Lowe meets Kanye West 2015 - Contains Strong Language

Zane Lowe meets Kanye West for the first time since their infamous 2013 interview. Containing strong language and adult themes throughout, this is Kanye West as he is right no

[Audio] Trek Manifest - "The Closure"

Trek Manifest releases a song in dedication to his late sister w/production by SupaNatra. Check it out!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

[Video] Kanye West - "All Day" Live from The BRIT Awards 2015

Kanye West - All Day Live from The BRIT Awards 2015 from Gabby on Vimeo.

Kanye sends the internets up in flames as he performs "All Day", which seems to be new and improved since the first couple leaks we heard, months back. Can't wait for the CDQ!

[Announcement] King Fresh Live Show/ Birthday Celebration - Sunday March 8th

Sunday March 8th, King Fresh will be performing his latest album "Under God" in it's entirety, as he celebrates his birthday w/surprise guests and special guest DJ Bern. This will take place at Wild Goose Creative in Columbus, Ohio. Doors open at 7! Be there!

[Video] @ActionBronson – Mr. Wonderful (Album Trailer)

Action Bronson gets an assist from Party Supplies member Justin and Pete from “Pete & Pete” as they provide a new trailer for Bronson’s forthcoming album Mr. Wonderful dropping March 24th.

[Video] @Mr_Camron, @JimJonesCapo, @thejuelzsantana & @Freekey730 Perform Live In NYC

Check out RealTalkNY's footage from BB Kings last night where The Diplomats took the stage and performed “Have My Money” and “Do Something” as they kicked off their Pledge Of Allegiance tour.

[Video] @BigSean Performs With @ASAPferg & @LilDurk_ For Dark Sky Paradise Release Party

Big Sean took NYC last night to celebrate the release of his Dark Sky Paradise album and he brought along his friends A$AP Ferg & Lil Durk as well.

Monday, February 23, 2015

[Audio] Big Sean - Me, Myself & I Freestyle

2.24.15 D A R K S K Y P A R A D I S E Prod: RobGotBeats

[Video] @BigSean Says Jay Z Was Blown Away By #DarkSkyParadise When He Heard It

Sean and Ness sit down to discuss the release of Dark Sky Paradise and how it was THE darkest time in his life when he created the offering. With Roc Nation swooping up Sean on the management side, it makes it easier for Sean to personally get to know and talk with Hov which is why he was able to play the project for the Carters months before completing the set. Sean also talked his Grammy concert in L.A., working with Ye and noticing how much of a different person he is now that he’s a father. Dark Sky Paradise is out tonight.

[Audio] Jaden Smith x Ta-ku Beast Mode

Yes. Jaden Smith that showed up to Kanye's wedding in a white Batman suit. Can we get this Jaden all the time???

[Video] Son Ballin' Outta Control - LeBron James Jr. - Highlight Reel

Bronny led the Gulf Coast Blue Chips at the John Lucas All-Star Weekend Tournament this past weekend. The 10-year-old put together quite the highlight reel at the tournament, with his passing and handles looking very good.

[Video] Chris Brown Breakfast Club Interview

The media tour continues as Chris makes his way over The Breakfast Club where he talks probation, the Between The Sheets Tour, his dealings/issues with Drake, Tyga, his issues with The Dream, 50 Cent, marriage and wanting to have babies and so much more! Fan Of A Fan: The Album is in stores now.

[Audio] Just Blaze Drops Two Banging Instrumentals Online!!

Last night, hell froze over as Just Blaze let out two banging instrumentals with interesting stories behind them!

 "Miracle" -

"Jay asked me to hold this for him and Jeezy. Ross did something with it. Chris Brown wanted it badly but couldn't find the right vocal flow for it once we got in studio. Canei wanted to pass it to Cole, but it was held up by someone else who actually cut me a check for it. Then it ended up just sitting, and I was weird about playing it for folks. Everyone who heard it thought it was amazing but couldn't come up with a song to it lol. Understandable though. There's a LOT going on. I may do this more often. If you're going to attempt to rap on it, be respectful and rap good."

 "Moleskin Conclusion" -

"This was supposed to be the conclusion to "Dear Moleskine".. recorded some time back in London. Oh well.. Write your own tale of depression and eventual redemption! Best of luck!"

Sunday, February 22, 2015

[Audio] Yonni-SnapChat feat Leon Thomas, Eric Bellinger, Aroc, Rayven Justice

Pardon me if I'm a little biased but super producer (and my friend) Yonni has a hit on his hands with "SnapChat". A sexy R&B song that plays on the flirting that occurs while using the 10 second video app. Also available on iTunes.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

[Video] @TheKingDream Hot97 Interview

Terius is making his rounds in NYC as he makes a pit stop at Ebro In The AM on HOT 97. The Radio Killa talks his new label situation with Capitol, Contra Paris getting checks cut from a mysterious (well not mysterious, he jus didnt reveal it), his songwriting process and more. Dream also touches on his daughter being on reality TV, dealing with Wayne dating his ex, and coaching an entire Lil Wayne album.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

[Review] @TravDave's Take On "If You're Reading This It's Too Late"

Sooooo… Aubrey dropped a surprise album, mixtape, mix-album on us late on the 12th of February right before Valentine’s Day. I see you Aubrey, but it seems like it’s a lot going on with this situationship. Did he drop the project to fulfill his contract with Cash Money Records? Did he drop this in the middle of Diddy’s show out of spite? Did he want to one-up Jay Z’s baby mama? Who knows for real. I’m just going to review this album track by track. FYI…I’ve been listening to this mix-album since 6:30 am Friday so I feel like my opinion is 93% fact.

Legend (produced by PartyNextDoor): Man, listen this joint right here is dope. PND killed the production on this. Perfect for Aubrey to flow over and harmonize to. Plus, the hook is perfect for a club scene with bottles and bitches. I see the vision in slow motion. The Ginuwine sample is subtle enough but still stands out. This one is car ready.

Energy (produced by Boi-1da): I’m not feeling this one too much. It sounds like a filler track. The production is dark to me, but the sample of Eazy-E’s, Eazy-Duz-It was kinda dope. I got the vibe they were going for, but I would skip this one. This track doesn’t pass the car test.

10 Bands (produced by Boi-1da): Classic braggadocios rap from Drizzy. One thing for sure, he’s great with melodies and flows. There are some dope lines in the song that people will definitely tweet. The track’s production is cool. Nothing great but it’s worth a couple of run backs. The bridge is catchy, but the hook is very simple. Aubrey is usually good money with the hooks but was slightly off with this one. Overall it passes the car test.

Know Yourself (produced by Boi-1da): This was definitely made for his crew. A #TBT track of sorts where he reminisces about running around the city with his friends. We’ve always known Drake to have a tight circle. This feels like a throwaway track also. That’s just me being honest. I skip this one. No way that this passes the car test.

No Tellin’ (produced by Boi-1da): The flow on this track is the same flow that has been on the last few tracks making it seem like he is more worried about the flow of the track than bars. The production is good and you can hear the chemistry between Boi-1da and Aubrey. He points out that he isn’t “the same Drake from four years ago”. I like this one. It passes the car test.

Madonna (produced by 40): Drake and 40 are really a dope duo and take chances within rap music without forcing it or being weirdos for the sake of being weird. Although it’s not my favorite, the vibe on this is nice and you get another Ginuwine sample. If I smoked weed with a blonde that had a fat ass I would play this and vibe with her. Honestly all depends on what my mood is for this to pass the car test.

6 God (produced by Boi-1da): “I’m about to say a true thing, I’m about to say a true thing.” Y’all have heard this before and it’s a good record. That “You was poppin when Usher wore a ‘U’ chain, God damn you changed” line was tough and supposedly a shot a Puff Daddy.

Star67 (produced by Vinylz): The 1st couple bars of this track pose some questions. Did he take a shot at B, Bryan, Baby, Bubba, or was he just rapping? This record is cool also. That same flow.. on these spacey beats. I was presently surprised to hear a beat change halfway through the song. He does some self-reflecting on this one also. Like many tracks on the album, I feel like this one was filler. While the Degrassi reference is good to hear from him, this doesn’t pass my car test.

Preach (featuring and produced by PartyNextDoor): I have a confession. This is my first time hearing PND on a track on purpose. I think girls are going to love this record. It’s catchy and definitely made for the young and pretty. He’s talking that shit on this one. I’ve already fired off some tweets with lyrics from this song. The most impressive thing is that the last 20seconds of this track goes into a house, almost disco vibe with a version of “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJs that I wish was a full song. That is easily the best part of the track. For that part solely, this passes the car test.

Wednesday Night Interlude (featuring and produced by Party Next Door): I totally skipped over this. No thank you fiesta adjacent house. Shout to my boy Evil for that description.

Used to (feat Lil Wayne produced by Wondagurl): If you downloaded Lil Wayne and his apology for making you wait tape, then you heard this one already, so there’s no need to go over this with you. I honestly think Drake is taking shots at Puff Daddy again with lines like “Shaq posting up on niggas that I use to have posters of, Real quick you couldn’t have hated that, let’s be real man you couldn’t have made it that” – talking about 0-100. Wayne makes me wonder about him sometimes with lines like “Why you hanging with Terry that has a Blackberry”. This passes the car test.

6 Man (produced by 40): The Lou Will shout out was dope. Drake finally finds his bounce on this one. Of course he and 40 are like Batman and Robin on this track. 40 comes with the classic break down at the end and even Jill Scott got a check from this. Truth is, Aubrey floated over this track effortlessly. Turn this up in the car and pass that test with flying colors.

Now and Forever (produced by Eric and Jimmy): This track’s vibe is haunting and kinda creepy with a repetitive cadence. Imagine a Lil Jon song made with pillows and bubbles. That’s what I think of when I hear this song. It’s boring and soft. Even the gun shot in the productions sounds like a pea shooter. No thanks…Fail Whale – word to ‘08 Twitter.

Company (feat Travis Scott, produced by Wondagurl): It seems like Aubrey took a video of one his days out and watched it on DVD then wrote a rap about it. The melody is ok on this one, but when that base drops and the Travis Scott vocals slightly come in, it gets lit (as the kids would say). The vibe is dope and Travis Scott sounds good on this. The autotune is a lot but if I wasn’t a backpack hippity hop dude I wouldn’t mind. Overall this is a keeper and passes the car test….Barely

You and the 6 (produced by Boi-1da/40/Illmind): This is one of my favorite records on If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. I’m gonna be biased and brief. THIS SHIT FIRE.

Jungle (produced by 40): I’ll be honest. I was going to shit on this record. Then, I gave it a good listen and Drake is pretty damn good wit R&B records. Emo Drake and 40 aka Jordan and Pip are going to have the ladies with this one. This is that – 1am on Thursday night, you get that, come over I wanna “talk” message and you show up and she’s wearing something sexy music. Do not, I repeat (this is for you Dwight Howard types) DO NOT listen to this with ya mans and them. All ladies everything. This passes the test for sure.

6p in New York (produced by Boi-1da): Bars on bars on bars. When Aubrey decides to rap like this, there aren’t too many emcees that can go with him. Continuing his “timed series” of songs, this falls right in the pocket. Oh, and the Tyga diss just makes this song even better. Tyga let Chris Brown out rap him, so he doesn’t want them problems with Drake. This is my favorite song on this mix-bum.

Drake sold this mixtape and I bought it. I bought into the hype. Hypebeast Trav. The project has a lot of fillers and stuff, but in all honesty I like Drake and his music. 17 songs are too long in the 140 character age but that’s fine with me. New Drake is always good for culture and in the end hip-hop (and r&b) wins. All in all, this album passes the car test.

[Video] @SnoopDogg - “Me & Dr. Dre Always Wanted Impress NYC When We Made Records.”

Snoop talks to Nessa about Snoop and Puff’s taking over The Theater at MSG and how much love he haves for NYC despite the East/West War that claimed two of our greatest artists in hip-hop. Snoop also says that Pharrell has him singing on the Spring release of Bush.

[Video] @TyDollaSign Interview With @OldManeBro & @RosenbergRadio On Hot 97

Ty Dolla $ign is an artist everyone is expecting a lot from and as of late the demand for a Ty Dolla hook or just the thought of him on your record is a go to option. In a recent interview with Hot 97 he had the chance to sit down with Rosenberg and Ebro. They had a chance to discuss Ty Dolla’s recent assist with Kanye’s “Only One” along with co-writing “FourFiveSeconds”. He also talks about his new single “Drop That Kitty” featuring Charli XCX and Tinashe.

[Audio] Dipset - Do Something

[Video] The-Dream Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1

Monday, February 16, 2015

[Video] @Drake Brings Out @kanyewest For “I Don’t Like” In NYC

Last night, Drake decided to bring out Kanye West at Sprite’s #ObeyYourThirst concert in New York! Towards the end of the footage you’ll notice Drizzy bowing to Kanye. Check it out above.

[Video] @DJWhooKid Interviews G-Unit

50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo & Kidd Kidd stopped by DJ Whoo Kid’s “Whoolywood Shuffle” on Shade 45. Check out the over 90 minute above.

[Video] @1Future – Gangland

Future drops off a new visual for “Gangland” which was off his recent project Monster.

[Video] @TheRealJuicyJ Featuring @ProjectPathcp – Denna Bitch

Juicy J and Project Pat link up to shoot the official visual for “Denna Bitch” which can be found on his new mixtape Blue Dream & Lean 2.

[Stream/Download] OG Maco - 15 EP

OGG boss OG Maco, and recent Quality Control signee, releases his first batch of new tunes in 2015. Out of the blue, Maco dropped a brand new EP on soundcloud titled 15. Despite its title, the EP has eleven unheard tracks--unusually long for an EP. The EP features production from Metro Boomin, "U Guessed It" producer Brandon Thomas, Ducko Mcfli, TM 88 and Ricky P. Maco prefaces the EP saying, "They said I had 15..." Download the EP and let us know what you think.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

[Stream Now!] Drake - If You're Reading This, It's Too Late (Soundcloud Album Stream)

Drake – If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (Tracklisting):

1. “Legend”
2. “Energy”
3. “10 Bands”
4. “Know Yourself”
5. “No Tellin'”
6. “Madonna”
7. “6 God”
8. “Star67″
9. “Preach” (Feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR)
10. “Wednesday Night Interlude” (Feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR)
11. “Used To” (Feat. Lil Wayne)
13. “Now & Forever”
14. “Company” (Feat. Travi$ Scott)
15. “You & The 6″
16. “Jungle”
17. “6PM In New York”

[Video] Drake - Homecoming (Short Film)

[Video] Curren$y - Cargo Planes

"Cargo Planes" Produced by Joey Fatts and Shot by Understream Films. Pilot Talk 3 coming soon!

[Video] A$AP Rocky - Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 (LPFJ2)

Finally. A Visual for one of the hardest singles to date!

[Video] Drake - Jungle (Short Film)

OctobersVeryOwn Presents a short film from Drake "Jungle"

Sunday, February 8, 2015

[Video] Kanye Almost Pulls A "Kanye" at the 2015 Grammys

Kanye almost crashes the stage during Beck's Grammy acceptance, in defense of Beyonce, once again lol

[Video] Straight Outta Compton Trailer - Red Band Trailer with Introduction from Dr. Dre and Ice Cube (HD)(Official)

Straight Outta Compton - Red Band Trailer with Introduction from Dr. Dre and Ice Cube (HD) (Official) The Story of N.W.A. - In Theaters August 14th

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

[Video] Kanye West, Big Sean & Pusha T - "Blessings" Studio Footage

Check out Kanye & Pusha T's thoughts on what's in store for Big Sean's future during the recording session of "Blessings".

[Video] Rihanna And Kanye West And Paul McCartney - FourFiveSeconds

“FourFiveSeconds” the first single from Rihanna’s upcoming new album available now. iTunes Google Play

[Audio] Action Bronson - "Big League Chew" - Produced By The Alchemist