Monday, April 13, 2015

[Audio] Tyler The Creator Featuring Kanye West & Lil' Wayne - "Smuckers"

So check it.. I always thought Tyler was COOL but this shit RIGHT HERE is pretty fuckin' dope. I'd hate to be the guy that would only give approval after 2 of hip-hop's greats make an appearance on your shit but fuck it. This is Kanye's best verse in a while and for damn sure Wayne's. I wish Wayne's programming would get stuck in this mode when it's time for him to rap, which disables him from all the whining and singing shit. Rap like THIS, my dude. Not like the guy who's naming his album after YOU and initially trying to sound like YOU, to begin with, which makes the situation in itself very weird and un called for. Rap in the voice of a GROWN ASS MAN and not the "CHASING THE BULLIES DOWN THE STREET THAT STOLE MY PINK BIKE W/THE POM POM SHIT HANGING OUT THE HANDLEBARS" and things of that nature. THIS, is perfect Wayne. Moving forward, dope ass beat, crazy sample selection. I love rare samples that all generations of hip-hop didn't use, over and over. Dope switch offs between verses. It's a must listen. Tyler must be a really special dude to pull some shit off like this and still manage to keep up w/two guys named Kanye & Lil' Wayne.

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